get a toaster for Christmas


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There is this female boss who will throw a company reception.
Two girls, who work at the company, are talking about this.
One of them says,
"It's one of those if you don't
show, you get a toaster for Christmas."

I don't know if this "toaster for Christmas" is some kind of on idiom.
But it gives this idea, that she is saying, "It's one of those reception you
have to come at all cost, because you might pay for it."
Movie "Passion".
Any idea?

Thank you
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    It isn't an idiom, but a toaster is one of those things that you get multiple versions of at Christmas, birthdays or weddings. So here I think it means something like: the boss will be vindictive towards you don't go for the reception, and deliberately get you a bad present for Christmas.
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    Toasters are traditional house warming gifts despite the fact that almost no one ever needs a toaster when they move into a house. I think by extension that the gift of a toaster is a gift that you almost certainly don't need because you already have one. It is not a useless gift, but one that is not likely to be needed or wanted.