get a word off someone

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Ben is looking for a word for an add slogan. In the meanwhile, Andie, talking to him, says "frosting", and Ben realizes that that's the word he's looking for. He presents the slogan to his boss, who asks him how he came up with it. Ben:
- I got it off the woman who's falling madly in love with me.
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, movie

That's a slangy or informal use of get off, and that's not a phrasal verb. Right?
Thank you.
  • bibliolept

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    Here "get off" means "get from." I suspect this meaning wouldn't qualify as a phrasal verb.

    "Get off" can also mean to achieve sexual climax or otherwise derive a great deal of pleasure or satisfaction, nearly sexual in its intensity, from something. This is not the meaning in the example you cited.


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    "Get X off" does not necessarily mean or imply that something is "taken" in the sense that the source no longer has it, though. "Get X off" is simply an informal or slang version of "get X from" here.
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