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How would I say get up to speed in the following case:

I don't get to speak French for most of the year, and when I do, it takes about a week to get up to speed.

My attempt:

Pour la plupart de l'année je n'ai pas l'occasion de parler français. Quand je le fais, ça me prend toujours une semaine pour reprendre de l'élan.

I'm not sure the best expression for 'get up to speed', but I thought some variation on 'élan' may work well:

pour reprendre mon élan ?

Other suggestions? Are there other expressions that could also be used that would sound as or more natural?

Merci d'avance...
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    I like these options! Are these suggestions "other options" or do the expressions with élan not work at all?

    My first impulse was to use remettre, but it second guessed myself.

    I really like me remettre en selle. :)
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