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Hello. Can the verb "get back" mean to answer or just to get when it comes to phones and calling. I can't seem to find a definition concerning phones and the verb get back in any dictionary.

Taken from the song "Like a boy"
"wish we could switch up the roles and I could be that
Tell you I love you but when you call I never get back"
  • dojibear

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    The phrase "get back to you" means "reply by phoning you".

    The song phrase doesn't use the whole phrase, so is not correct. But most songs distort English grammar, to fit the song. The context "you call and I never get back" is enough to guess the phrase and the meaning.

    The sentence "When you call, I never get back to you." means

    "When you phone me (but I am not there to talk), I never call you back".
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