get bored/ got bored / have got bored?


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Hi, my question is: if I want to say that I hope someone didn’t get bored while I was explaining something to him, would it be correct to say:
“I hope you haven’t got bored.” ?

I’m not sure if “haven’t got” can be used in that way.

If it’s not correct I want to say so in quite a simple sentence, understandable for kids. Thank you
  • TheCrociato91

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    Italian - Northern Italy

    Lo que diría yo es:
    "I hope you didn't get bored" (Espero que no te hayas aburrido / que no te aburrieras)
    "I hope I didn't bore you (with my explanation)" (Espero no haberte aburrido)

    Pero lo mejor es que esperes las respuestas de nativos angloparlantes.

    Un saludo.
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