get information regarding incidents against X application


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Hello everybody:
I am translating an IT text. In it, there is a sentence where they are talking about what should be done to be successful.
I don't know very well how to translate against in the following sentence:

The users should not contact the supplier directly, because this would result in the company not getting sufficient information regarding Incidents against the Desktop Office Suite application

My try:

Los usuarios no deberían contactar con el proveedor directamente, ya que esto haría que la empresa no obtuviera suficiente información acerca de los incidentes de la aplicación del Desktop Office Suite.

Is this the meaning of "against" in this sentence?
How about Desktop Office Suite? I am not translating it, does anyone know about any good equivalent?

Thanks a lot in advance,
  • "Sobre" es un sinónimo de "acerca de"; entonces he entendido bien la frase, ¿no?

    Muchísimas gracias Stevea
    You were correct. The original sentence which uses "against" is not good English in my opinion but we can get the meaning which is the most important thing.