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    Hello Claxy,

    You have added a new question to an old thread on a different topic, so I have separated the question out to create this new thread on "get input to/on"

    to get input is solliciter/recevoir/transmettre l'opinion/le point de vue, depending on context--what is it? (Your link goes to a very long document--please quote the sentence from that document in your thread, so we don't have to read this long article)

    With that specific context, we can help you more...


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    Sure, the text was about conflict management and the original sentence was:

    "Key Managerial Actions/Structures to Minimize Conflicts:
    1. Regularly review job descriptions. Get your employee's input to them/Get your employees' input on them. Write down and date job descriptions."

    I found both the options and I was wondering which one is the correct sentence since I can't understand the meaning of that "input".
    Thank you!

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    I think it means "Get your employees' opinions about them (the job descriptions)". I'm not sure "input" is a very good word here but I suppose it's trendy business-speak.
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