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italian, Italy
What dress will you get into? Does "get into" mean wear? Or do this verb have a meaning = I can't wear that dress because I'm too fat.
  • TrentinaNE

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    English (American)
    "Getting into" a garment is often used in the context of size, e.g., Because Joe gained 20 pounds since Christmas, he can't get into his favorite jeans any more.

    However, the sentence you provided (What dress will you get into?) might be interpreted differently depending on the context. On its own, it sounds a bit odd.



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    British English
    Yes, I agree with that. If you were asking a friend what dress she was going to wear tonight you would not say "What dress will you get into?" You would say "What dress are you going to wear?" or "What dress are you wearing?"(ie what dress will she be wearing later).

    You might say "Can you get into that dress?" but that would clearly imply that you think she might be too fat to wear the dress!
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