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"The commander said we cannot win there. We've got to get it down to a low level insurgency, let the Afghans take it over. Cowper-Coles said what we need is an acceptable dictator."

"We've got to "get it down to" a low level insurgency"?

What does "get it down to" mean?

Thank you very much!
  • Nymeria

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    It means that they have to "reduce it" i.e since they cannot completely resolve the situation, they need to get the situation to a stage or point where they can at least manage/handle it.


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    I guess they want to reduce the resistance activities (the violence, the actions by rebel groups) from their current level to that of a "low-level insurgency," presumably a conflict of reduced intensity, one that is less protracted and which can then be handled directly by the Afghan government/military.

    This is similar to a doctor saying "The patient's temperature is too high; we have to get it down to under X degrees."


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    It means to decrease the level in this case.

    "We've got to decrease to a low level insurgency"
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