Get it together


I was watching a video and I heard this phrase:
"Love doesn't exist except briefly between a man and a woman before marriage... after that it's just hanging out with someone who kinda hates you, but you can't get it together to leave."
What does it mean to get it together?
My attempt is "you don't have the courage to leave".
Are there any other meanings?
  • bennymix

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    Your rendering is not bad. 'Get it together' is more global (more than courage), as in figuring out what one wants, as opposed to saying "On the one hand if I stay, I'll be abused. But if I leave I'll be penniless." Also it refers to planning [getting one's affairs in order]: e.g. to leave one's home requires finding a new apartment, etc. "Getting it together" means actually finding a place, not simply thinking or worrying about it.


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    The expression "get it together" means "prepare yourself mentally." It doesn't imply a specific reason for the mental disorganization. In this case one common reason might be fear as you noted, but that's not necessarily the only reason. In the context supplied it's not clear the speaker definitely meant "you don't have the courage."
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