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Discussion in 'English Only' started by LQZ, Nov 24, 2009.

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    Dear all,

    Sentence 1 was written by one of my friends, but I think the tense of verb "get" might be wrong, because the action of "get married" can't last longer and it should happen in past, thus I changed get to got just like the sentence 2 (reworded by me). Am I right? Looking forward to your comments.Thanks.

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    I think that they're both right, but that there are different nuances.

    Get means that this is still happening. Maybe you have unmarried friends at 26 and 27, but all of your friends from 28 up are married.
    Got means that this is a completed action. Your friends are all either older than 28, or married.

    That's just my interpretation, though.
  3. LQZ

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    Thank you, xqby, but I am still confused.

    The friend is telling a trend that in China, people got/get married later than before. I want to know which one, got or get, works well in this context. :)
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    Sentence 1 tells us that the trend is for the writer's friends to get married between 28 and 30, and the trend is still continuing: there are more weddings in prospect.

    Sentence 2 tells us that the the writer's friends are all now married, and they got married an a certain age. Thre is no continuing trend.

    "Get" in "get married" is here a repeated or habitual action.
  5. LQZ

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    Thank you, Loob, I've got it.

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