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  1. chaim

    chaim Senior Member

    Dear Forum Members:


    Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to provide

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  2. binary_death Member

    Galicia, Spain
    Spanish, Catalan
    Spanish: (Bebe/Beba usted) más zumo/jugo de naranja.
    Catalan: (Beu/Begui vostè) més suc de taronja.
    Esperanto: Triku iom pli da oranĝa suko.

    EDIT: I added Esperanto, just for your curiosity.
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  3. rusita preciosa

    rusita preciosa Modus forendi

    USA (Φιλαδέλφεια)
    Russian (Moscow)

    Drink more orange juice: пей (tu) / пейте (usted o vosotros) больше апельсинового сока [pey / peyte bolshe apelsinovogo soka]

    Get more orange juice: it is hard to translate without knowing what "get" exactly means: buy? receive for free? acquire otherwise?
  4. mataripis

    mataripis Senior Member

    Tagalog: Laging uminom ng maraming katas ng bungang kahoy.
  5. Encolpius

    Encolpius Senior Member

    Praha (Prague)
    magyar (Hungarian)
    Hungarian: Igyál több narancslét! [igyál imperative of the verb iszik, to drink; több more; narancs orange lé juice]
  6. ilocas2 Senior Member


    Pij (tu) / Pijte (vosotros, usted) više soka od naranče.
  7. apmoy70

    apmoy70 Senior Member


    «Πάρε/πάρ(ε)τε κι άλλο χυμό πορτοκαλιού/πορτοκαλοχυμό» [ˈpaɾe ci͜ ˈalo çiˈmo portokaˈʎu] or [ˈpaɾe ci͜ ˈalo portokaloçiˈmo] (2nd person sing. or informal), [ˈpaɾ(e)te ci͜ ˈalo çiˈmo portokaˈʎu] or [ˈpaɾ(e)te ci͜ ˈalo portokaloçiˈmo] (2nd p. pl. or formal) --> take/get/have/buy/drink some more juice of orange/orange-juice.
    As you can see, the same expression can be used also as an invitation (colloquially) to drink more orange juice.

    -The form «πάρε/πάρ(ε)τε» is the imperative (or hortative) mood of the MoGr v. «παίρνω» [ˈperno] --> to take, receive, lift, raise, pick up, grasp, seize, (colloq.) buy, acquire, have, drink, eat aphetic of ByzGr v. «ἐπαίρ(ν)ω» epaí̯r(n)ō < Classical v. «ἐπαίρω» ĕpaí̯rō < compound; Classical prefix, preposition & adverb «ἔπι» épĭ & «ἐπί» ĕpí --> on it, at it (PIE *h₁epi- on, at, near cf Skt. अपि (ápi), also, too, Lat. ob, Arm. եւ (ew), and) + Classical v. «αἴρω» aí̯rō --> to take, grasp, seize, lift (with obscure etymology).
    -MoGr masc. «χυμός» [çiˈmos] --> juice of fruits/plants, animal juices, 'humours', flavour < Classical masc. «χυμός» kʰŭmós (idem) < Classical fem. «χυμεία» kʰŭmeí̯ā --> the art of alloying metals, alchemy, (later) chemistry (alternative spelling «χημεία» kʰēmeí̯ā) with two possible etymologies:
    (1) The old etymology by Pott derives the word from the indigenous name of Egypt ⲭⲏⲙⲓ which originally means Black-land > Classical Gr fem. «χυμεία» kʰŭmeí̯ā/«χημεία» kʰēmeí̯ā --> the Egyptian art, or
    (2) The newer etymology by Diels derives the word from the Greek v. «χέω» kʰéō --> to pour out, let flow, shed, cast, smelt metal > v. «*χυμεύω» *kʰŭmeú̯ō > fem. «χυμεία» kʰŭmeí̯ā (PIE *ǵʰeu- to pour with no known cognates in IE languages).
    -MoGr neut. «πορτοκάλι» [portoˈkali] --> (fruit) orange < Italian (arancio di) portogallo.
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  8. ThomasK Senior Member

    (near) Kortrijk, Belgium
    Belgium, Dutch
    - drink meer sinaasappelsap
    - haal meer sinaasappellsap (= go and get)
  9. 810senior

    810senior Senior Member

    Japanese: オレンジジュースをもう一杯(orange juice[acc.], one more cup[quantifier])
  10. 123xyz

    123xyz Senior Member

    Skopje, Macedonia

    Донеси уште/повеќе сок од портокал - Get (assuming it means "to bring, fetch" in this context) more orange juice
    Пиј уште/повеќе сок од портокал - Drink more orange juice

    If you use "уште", you're suggesting that the new amount of orange juice will somehow be added onto the previous one, as an extension of sorts. In the case of the drinking of the juice, the sentence could be interpreted as meaning "keep on drinking orange juice" (this ties in with the fact that "уште" also means "still, yet" - it's a polysemous word, I would say). If, on the other hand, you use "повеќе", you're simply saying that the amount needs to be increased. So, in the case of the drinking of the juice, the sentence could be interpreted as meaning "drink larger quantities of orange juice in your life".

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