get my car to start vs. started

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I have trouble figuring out which one is correct between 'to start' and 'started' from this sentence, It is hard to get my car to start(or started).

I need somebody's help to make it clear.

Also, I want to make another example with the same principle, which is 'I felt hard to get the door to close(or closed) properly'.

Please give me the answer ASAP!!!!

Thank you!!! :)
  • scrotgrot

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    I see no difference whatsoever.

    However, note:
    I got him to tell me the password has no equivalent with told because tell is a transitive verb and there's just no room to fit everything in grammatically around told.


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    I am wondering if there is the grammatical principle for active and passive forms in terms of this sentence.
    In this sentence I come up with,
    It is hard to get my car (to start or started).
    The car cannot start by itself.
    There has to be a person who starts the car.
    Thus, it think the sentence must be like this. It is hard to get my car started.
    Is this correct?
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