get off


Alex knows "death's design" meaning he knows his friends and himself are going to die soon in accidents and knows the order of the deaths. Carter demands that Alex tell him who is next.
ALEX: You think it's gonna make it easier to know, Carter? It's not. It's gonna make it fuckin' harder.
CARTER: Yeah [or "You know"], you get off havin' control over me? You let me decide how to deal with it.
Final Destination, movie

What exactly does "get off" mean here?
  • sdgraham

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    In this usage, it suggests having an orgasm. (metaphorical)

    (It always perplexes me why learners ask for "exact" meanings. We English native assume that we will receive appropriate responses.)


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    Are you sure it wasn't "You get off on having control over me"? I agree with sdgraham, but the phrase is get off on something, not get off something.


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    The OP asked what does get off mean within the context of the text....

    "What exactly does "get off" mean here?"