get on (a walkie talkie)


Scully and a man are by his car. He's been pretending to be a journalist. But now she hears sounds of a walkie-talkie from his car. She suddenly runs into the car, takes his ID, learns he's a military man, takes his gun, gets out of the car, aims it at him and says:
— (.............) I want you to get on that walkie-talkie and find out where Mulder is.
The X-Files, TV series

I think 'get on' means here "to continue doing something, especially with more effort or more quickly than before" (Macmillan dictionary). Probably she thinks that before she ran across him several minutes ago, he was sitting in his car talking over the walkie-talkie. Right?
Thank you.
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    When you are "on the phone" is a similar use of the word "on". "Get on" doesn't mean "continue" it means "start"

    "Start operating the walkie talkie and ...."


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    No, "get on that walkie-talkie" just means "start using (talking on) the walkie-talkie."

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    One question: do I correctly understand the "get" here means:
    6. START DOING SOMETHING to start doing or feeling something, or being in a particular situation: He’s started getting into trouble at school. My parents were always terrified of getting into debt.


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    I couldn't really say it's #22, Julian.

    That means "to become angry" / "to become sick".

    I think Vik's query has more to do with "to get on something", which is of course hard/difficult to research.

    EDIT: Paraphrase: "Use that gadget right now to ...".


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    "Cause oneself to be on the phone", "Cause oneself to be on the ground" etc is how I understood the meaning of "get" with the "on" belonging to the phrase "on the phone". But as often the case, English can be parsed in many ways:D "Start operating the walkie talkie" was my paraphrase above (as was Florentia's:D)
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