get on/in a coach


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I want to know which one is correct.
I know that for the most usual types of transport you use the preposition 'on': like get on a plane, a bus, a train, a horse, a boat...
Except for cars and taxis that you say 'in'.
I found this which I think explains it very well:

My question is with coach.
I don´t know if you get on a coach or into a coach.
According to that page, it should be on, since a coach is more or less the same as a bus.
Is that so?
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    Vega003, I was going to tell you that there are many previous threads on prepositions to use with forms of transport - starting here Preposition: <by, in, on> the bus, but then I realised that coach is a special case which does not appear to have been covered previously (it may have been, but I didn't find it)

    If the coach is a bus, then you get on the coach, but if the coach was part of a railway train, I would get into it.


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    And how about when we are speaking of a coach as a horse-drawn carriage, a cab? I believe it should also be in, not on. Thank you for your help. M&L
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