Get on someone's good/bad side

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  1. anau Senior Member

    he got on my good side
    he got on my bad side

    Tengo dudas cuando utilizar la forma Get on someone's bad or good side

  2. Tazzler Senior Member

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    No me queda muy claro lo que quieres preguntar. Las oraciones que nos diste son correctas. O, ¿tienes dudas del significado de las expresiones?
  3. anau Senior Member

    Tengo dudas del significado de ambas expresiones

    Get on soneone's good side
    Get on someone's bad side

    Muchas gracias
  4. Parkers Member

    Es la idea que todos tenemos buenos y malos rasgos de personalidad. If you get on someone's good side then at this particular meeting with them you are pleasing them and therefore they don't show their bad traits like anger, selfishness, arrogance etc...

    For example, at university, by handing in an assignment to a professor late, there is a risk that you will get him on his bad side - because he will be disappointed and thus might be angry.
  5. St. Nick Senior Member

    She got on my good side (Complació a mí), and then stole my watch. You can't trust anybody!

    She got on my bad side (Se puso a mal conmigo) when she said unkind things about my friend.
  6. sonarbison Member

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  7. irish223 Senior Member

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    Very simply, someone's good side means to be his friend or ally; someone's bad side means to be his enemy.

    Good side can also mean that one is happy or pleased with you, while bad side can mean that one is angry with you.


    ETA: Oddly, you have the same question posted twice. The previous one, from yesterday, has already been answered!
  8. iheartL&O

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    Can you say "estar en el lado bueno de alguien" or is that completely wrong?
  9. iheartL&O

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    Lo pregunto por que estoy traduciendo un dialogo que va así:

    -You're on my good side, for the moment.
    -That's a nice place to be.

    ¿Puede ser:

    -Estas en mi lado bueno
    _Eso es un buen lugar para estar


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