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"It's an area where predators and perverts and other people just get on to. You just don't know who you could be talking to," he warned.

"Es un área donde los depredadores y pervertidos y otras personas se ponen en contacto. Uno no sabe con quién podría estar hablando", advirtió.

Dicho "área" se refiere al Internet.

¿Qué les parece?

Gracias de antemano.
  • divina

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    It sounds strange to me in English, but it's from a British news site, and it's describing an incident that took place in Australia, so maybe it's just not used in American English. I don't know.


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    My try: Es un sitio de internet donde los pervertidos y depredadores se I basically agree with eli-cheli.
    I find the original a little bit forced, but not strange.

    sound shift

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    I speak BE, and this English sentence sounds strange to me. What jars is the combination "where ...... get on to". If this was "that ..... get on to" or "["that" omitted but implied] ..... get on to", it would work for me.
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