get one's way = occupy / dominate ?


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I found this paragraph in the book for Korean SAT preparation.

Sissi was not discouraged as a child by the boys who wouldn’t let her play her favorite game. Eventually, she got her way on the streets of Salvador, Brazil, because the soccer ball that the boys wanted to play with was hers. Still, she often ran home with her ball after she grew frustrating with the negative attitudes the boys displayed. Sissi had learned to play soccer by practicing with all kinds of objects that she found around the house. These included rolled­up socks and the heads of her dolls. Her father finally decided that she needed a soccer ball to keep her from destroying her dolls.

However, I have a problem with the underlined and boldfaced 'got her way'.
I could understand 'get one's way' can mean 'do whatever one wants', while, from the context, she occupied or dominated the streets because she had the ball.

I am wondering if this phrase is okay to be put into this sentence in this context.
If this should be changed, what could be the suitable alternative to this?

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    I'm not entirely clear what you are asking, Zingaroda.

    The phrase seems to me happy in this context, because of its suggestion of blackmail. The boys had to do as she said, for otherwise she would remove the ball, and playing soccer on the streets was important to them.

    I don't see any reason to change it, and wonder why you might want to change it. The passage seems to me well written (I'm assuming that frustrating is a typo for frustrated).


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    Thank you, Thomas.
    Now everything's perfectly clear with this sentence.
    I couldn't think of that way before. Thanks!

    I thought this sentence awkward because everyone says that this sentence is : 'she plays as she wants on the streets' and.. I don't know I think I was distracted for a while.
    Thanks again!

    By the way, the typo was typo, and that was part of a problem, which requires students to correct.
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