get our timing down

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Hello everyone,

From the book Hug Your Haters by Jay Baer:

Debbie Goldberg from Fresh Brothers Pizza lives that situation every day, as the lowest-rated among her fourteen locations may have a good reason for having slightly lower rankings.
“It’s one of our highest volume stores. It’s insanity there three nights out of seven. So in that kind of environment, stuff happens,” she said. “So we look at ways to improve, and to get our timing down, and to maybe reduce the noise in the dining room, or get the food out faster to our dine‑in customers, that kind of thing.

What does "get our timing down" mean?

Thank you.
  • Scott AM

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    I think when it comes to restaurant service, "get our timing down" implies more than just being fast. How long does a person have to wait before being served? Do the appetizers come at the right time? Are the drinks refreshed in a timely manner? Does the prepared food come to the table hot, or is it left under warming lights? How quickly can the table be prepared for the next customers? And so forth.


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    Prison Break TV series (S1 E5): After that Michael found the way from his cell to the roof of the prison in order to escape through one of the safe streets connected to the prison (Fitz), now he's about to be transferred to another prison. Before getting transferred he gives the name of the safe street to his cellmate, and then his cellmate says: ''How long did it take them (cops) to respond? You got all the timing down? Think we would have made it?''
    What does ''get the timing down'' mean here?


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    To get something down, often means to have mastered it or learned it. In this case, I think he is asking whether they have written how long everything took. That would tell them whether they would have been able to carry out their plan.
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