get out of / get up from / stood up from / stood from

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  1. wanabee Senior Member

    Dear all,

    He got out of his chair.
    He got up from his chair.
    He sood from his chair.
    He stood up from his chair.

    I made up the sentences.
    I think only the first one suggests that his chair had a back and/or armrests; the others have no implications on that point.

    I would like you to provide some comments on my assumption above.
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  2. owlman5

    owlman5 Senior Member

    Hello, wanabee. If you want to imply that the chair had a back and armrests, I think you're right. Only the first one - he got out of his chair - does a good job of suggesting that the chair had a back and armrests. In my opinion, English-speakers here in the US aren't big on implying things. They usually come right out and say things directly.
  3. wanabee Senior Member

    Thank you very much, owlman5.:)
  4. rhitagawr

    rhitagawr Senior Member

    British English
    I agree with owlman5. The third OP sentence isn't right.

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