...get out of his depression and regain/regained...

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Malaysia English
He eventually managed to get out of his depression and regain/regained his cheerful and more confident self.

The above is my own sentence.

Should I use 'regain' or 'regained'?

  • owlman5

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    It does, Fictional. "Manage" is the verb that is conjugated in that sentence. The verbs that come after "to" should be infinitives.

    Susan Y

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    British English
    I don't think regain is the right verb here in combination with "self"; you don't regain yourself, you regain something.

    You could say either of these:

    ... to regain (regained) his cheerfulness and confidence.

    .. .to become (became) his cheerful and confident self again.

    And as to the verb form: you could use either the infinitive or past, because the sense might be either "he managed to do x and to do y" or "he managed to do x and did y". You could argue either way.
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