get out of Hyde Valley altogether


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Hello: in the following passage I'm not sure about the meaning of "altogether":

"Dr. Benson, I'm a practical kind of guy, and I know you are too. Now neither one of us needs extra trouble in our lives, and I'm guessing you'd just as soon get out of Hyde Valley altogether than spend time in jail. Am I correct, sir?"

Thank you for your help
  • dichelson

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    I know, but what does "leave Hyde Valley completely" mean? You can either leave or not, there is no way to leave a place "not completely".


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    "Altogether" means "completely/entirely". In this sentence it means to completely leave Hyde Valley -- not to stay there any more.


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    Yes, altogether does not mean here without leaving the odd arm or leg behind. It means in all respects, which may include one or more of: without hope of return, without remaining in contact with people in Hyde Valley, disposing of all your property there, etc.
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