Get out of my way!


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I'm curious how ti say in Hungarian: "Get out of my way!".
Could please anybody translate it for me?

Thanks in advance!
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    (Állj) el az utamból!, ne állj az utamba! and (állj) félre az utamból! are all idiomatic (or so I think). The first and the third options seem to be more literal, the second one is definitely figurative [equivalent to the English collocation stay out of my way].
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    Dzsobacsi, welcome to the forum.:)
    I wouldn't say that your versions are rude, they are somewhere around colloquial (but not vulgar). It is not too easy to categorize them. (If people say it who know each other and are of the same rank/social status, especially if they are young, it should not be hurting at all.)


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    Húzz el!
    This command is a shorted form of "Húzz el, mint a vadlibák!"
    = "Fly away as quickly as the wild geese!"

    "Elhúz" means quick movement away from the speaker, not necessary in the air but on the surface of a highway, too.