Get Out!!!!

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Salam, How do I say that in Arabic if I want to tell someone to get of of his position. shukran
  • elroy

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    Please give us more context. Also, would you like a colloquial variant or a translation into standard Arabic?


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    I guess that in both colloquial or standard Arabic, the verb is the same:

    to get out:يخرج
    Get out! : أخرج

    A more colloqial version is: إطلع


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    Hello al-sarbi
    barra ( بره ) is a colloquial version. Yes, it is very common here and is used to ask somebody to got out (but usually in an impolite way).


    Josh Adkins said:
    You could also use the word إنصرف (inSaraf).
    In palestine we use "insrf" in a very informal way, and it is not polite to say such a word, it comes in the same context as "inqle3", which is also impolite. We often use "itla3 barra".
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