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We don’t know whether Rubio 1) practiced the Obama-sucks mantra/retort and believed it was like a magical charm blunting any criticism or 2) failed to prepare for Christie (i.e., respect him). But it’s clear that the once-effective let-Marco-be-Marco tactics of the campaign failed Saturday. And it wasn’t just that Rubio got owned. He got owned by a guy whose office is under investigation in some spiteful transportation brouhaha and who, yes, is mean to kids on the campaign trail (unbelievable footage here).
(Source: MarcoMomentum becomes SlowMentum – Jeb loyalists get pessimistic -- Clinton announces six primary offices in FL –Panhandle menaced by sicko - POLITICO)​

I know that "own" means "to possess something," but I have no idea what "get owned" means. Could you tell me what "get owned" means?
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    It mean Rubio was badly beaten - it is a slang term that originated in the world of online video games, see if this previous thread helps (the most useful responses start around post #11):

    ownage: neologism?
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