Get ready to earn some money, is it Tenez vous ..


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Hi everyone, this is my first time posting, and I am so glad I found this board!

I'm translating something for work and my French is more than rusty.
Could someone help me translate this sentence:

Get ready to earn some money!

So far I have: Tenez vous prêts à gagner de l'argent!

and Apprêtez-vous à gagner de l'argent!

I want it to sound natural, and not like something that has been translated.

Translating things into French is not in my job description, and I am just doing a favor for another department. However, I want to do the best job possible at this, because I tried getting a job there once, and I still have hopes of them wanting me again...
  • OlivierG

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    "Apprêtez-vous à gagner de l'argent" sounds natural for me.
    However, it means it will happen surely, and it will happen soon.
    Note: Personnaly, if I receive this as a subject of an e-mail message, I will move it to the "spam" folder without even reading it. ;)