Get started or get starting?

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Here's one of the definition of the word 'get'

You can use get in expressions like get moving, get going and get working when you want to tell people to begin moving, going or working quickly.

I've learned to say let's get started to tell people to start.

But I'm confusing now, can I say let's get starting? or if I can say, get gone? let's get worked?

Looking for your reply, many thanks~~
  • PaulQ

    English - England
    In cases where the verb ends in -ing, let's get moving, let's get going and let's get working, get = start -> Let's start moving, let's start going and let's start working.

    If you use the past participle -> let's get started, get = be and started is an adjective. Compare: "Let's get ready" = Let's be ready" or "Let's get dressed." = Let's be dressed"

    But in "Let's get worked", worked is not an adjective that is appropriate to humans, so we cannot say "Let's be worked."
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