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Linda Deng

Book: Tom Swift and the Visitor fm Planet X, Chapter one: The earthquake.

I can't understand very well abt the sentence in blackbold.

Mark said he had a problem with the gyro-stablizer and asked Tom to fix it. Below are the quotes.

Bud Barclay, a dark-haired young flier and Tom Swift Jr's closest frined, chuckled. "If anyone can get the bugs out of your new invention, genius boy here will do it!".
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    It's meaning #4 in WR dictionary:
    4 an error in a computer program or system.

    If you think that everyone is capable of removing errors from your new invention, Tom (genius boy) can do it!

    It's hard to tell whether Bud meant it as an ironic remark with this little amount of context, but perhaps native speakers can make it out.
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