Get the crap knocked out of you


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It's also from an interview, the speaker says:
in between getting the crap knocked out of them by our aurally assaulting tunes.

How do you say that in Spanish?
-"sacar todo lo que llevan dentro con nuestras...."
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  • Txiri

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    Please change your header, it's wrong. The correct phrase is "Get the crap knocked out of you."

    "The crap" = "the shit"

    ie, get beat up


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    Susperia, quieres decir "get the crap knocked out of you" en vez de give..., ¿verdad?

    Tal vez la siguiente explicación te facilite una interpretación en español.
    Es un modismo que significa "to be beaten physically" o "to be defeated."
    También, "to be assaulted": between being aurally assaulted by the music we played (in between having to tolerate our music).

    to be beaten or assaulted so terribly that you were made to cagar

    zapata pirate

    Canarian Spanish
    Hi, I suppose that both of them ;GURSEAL and TXIRI, are correct but It sound to me like "crap=crappy" Deja que toda la basura(por ser mas fino) salga (de golpe) de dentro de ti.
    May I wrong but I should tranlate in that way. Please, don't belive me, first check it out
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