get the heck out of dodge

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    Contexto militar:

    "All right, my feet are still there. My hands are cool. All right. Turn this bad boy. So I just remembered turning as hard as I could and just stepping on it. Because when you are in an ambush your main goal is to get the heck out of dodge and find somewhere that is safe".

    Ya sé que la frase es muy larga pero es que no hay manera de que la entienda!! Me podríais ayudar?? :confused:

    Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!
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    Hi Laura,

    I cannot provide a translation, but perhaps a brief explanation will help.

    "Get the heck out of dodge" basically means "get the heck out of here, and fast."

    I believe the phrase is a remnant of the days of the Old West, in particular in Dodge City, Kansas, when criminals were exiled, and told to "get the heck out of Dodge (before they got their butts blown off).

    It's used when you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, much like the author of this passage.
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    get the heck out=get the hell out=get out FAST.

    bad boy=cachorro (cuando se refiere a un cocho)

    stepping on it=ir a toda velocidad (la idea es empujar el acelerador con todo su fuerza hasta el piso del coche)

    EDIT: oops, I thought Dodge was referring to a car brand not the city.
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    Spain, spanish
    muchas gracias a los dos :)

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