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I gave my daughter a square sticker and a paper which has a square pattern, the pattern is a little bigger than the sticker. I told her: "Can you stick the sticker on this pattern and get the sticker straight? "

I meant she should align the sticker with the pattern(NOT like this). Can I say "get the sticker straight" ? Or do you have a better way to say it?

Thank you.
  • Chez

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    Can you put the sticker on straight?
    Can you stick the sticker on straight? (doesn't sound good because of the repeat of 'stick')
    Can you stick it on straight?


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    Both 'straight' and 'on' are adverbs here and modify 'stick', but refer to different things.
    'Straight' tells you how to put the sticker, 'on' tells you where to put it.
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