<get to be pround> vs. <got to be proud>


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As I read "cited much less frequently than papers from China or the United States", I comment it in my mind:"China (and US) got to be proud of themselves even if scientific misconduct in China is still rampant."

The question of this thread is whether "got to be proud" is proper English by which I mean "should be proud (of themselves)." Should it be "get to be proud" (this sounds odd to me). I thought of "got to be proud" unconsciously (it popped up itself), not knowing whether it is correct English or not.

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Papers published by scientists in India are cited much less frequently than papers from China or the United States, according to a 2014 analysis by Elsevier for the Department of Science and Technology. Indian funding agencies closely track such metrics when assessing scientists for grants, promotions and fellowships.

Source: nature 15 FEBRUARY 2019
Indian payment-for-papers proposal rattles scientists
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    'Got to be' is incorrect.

    'Should', 'must' and'have to' are all possible.

    'Have got to' is possible as an alternative to 'Have to' in less formal versions of BrE. This is occasionally shortened to just 'Got to' in informal speech and very informal writing, In informal conversation, 'got to' is sometimes produced as 'gotta', though the written form of this pronunciation should not be used except in informal, personal emails, texts and chat forums.
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