"get to know" meaning "find out"?


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Can the phrase "get to know" mean "find out"? I am familiar with the phrase as meaning "get familiar with somebody", but can it be used with simple facts?

In the past I have corrected a couple of my fellow (less advanced) learners who used this phrase in contexts where it sounded wrong to me and what they meant was clearly "find out". But recently I started paying attention and I heard it being used with things too. Just before a second I saw this ad on the Internet:

(in case it doesn't display: "Get to know who's protecting your galaxy")

Is the phrase used correctly here? Does it mean "find out" in this sentence and were I a dick to other people for no reason? The sentence does not seem to fit into the dictionary meaning of the phrase...
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    There are two meanings of 'get to know' - the first, as you mention, is getting to know a person.

    Secondly, 'get to know' literally means (in other contexts) 'find out about, learn.'

    'Get to know about the world you live in' = 'read books, watch documentaries, look at maps and all the other sources of information there are, about the world.'

    In this way you will find out many facts.


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    Ok, but can they be used interchangeably? Can I say something like "I need to get to know when the train leaves"?

    I mean, my, possibly wrong, understanding was that it meant something like "learn in greater detail", somewhat analogical to getting to know someone. Your example still fits into this, as do most examples I've found. But the ad I mentioned does not really, or at least I don't see it...


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    Paul Young's new wife came to Wisteria Lane. At dinner, Paul said ”Since the prison didn't allow conjugal visits, this is kind of our wedding night. So I wanted to make tonight special."
    "We are still getting to know each other" her wife said.
    (from Desperate Housewives E02 S07)

    Does "get to know each other" also mean "know more about each other gradually"?

    Thank you.
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