get to know somebody??

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how would you express the fact that you got to know a person on the internet?? (i used simple past for purpose)
get to know sounds so easy. and meet is wrong, isn´t it??
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    Welcome to these forums, ducki:)

    First of all, please do not be impatient. This is not a chat forum and it may take some time - perhaps as much as 20 - 30 minutes for someone who has an answer to your question to come along and respond.

    Secondly, this is not a chat forum. You will have seen the rules as you registered. You are asked to post here using standard English forms, which includes using capital letters where appropriate.


    I would use "got to know" in relation to someone I got to know on the Internet.

    I would also use "met".
    I met ducki on the Internet.
    My listener would know exactly what I meant - and would not assume that we had met in person.

    PS - There you are, 22 minutes.


    I was pointed to this site by a forer@ whom I "met" many years ago - I call her and other people I've come to know "e-friends". And in the aforementioned forer@'s case I can say we were e-friends before we became actual friends - we were living in different hemispheres and only met after some years.
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