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Is there a better option for the phrase "get to know" in the following context. I guess "to get acquainted with" is more commonly used for people and not for inanimate concepts... by the same token, "to get familiarized"... Is it correct? So what are your suggestions for the following sentence instead of using "get to know"...

· opportunity to get to know the business world through participation in real-life projects and internship opportunities

  • Piers

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    I like your ideas, "to get to know" and "to get familiarized with".
    "to be/get acquainted with" can also be used. You're right that it can be used for people, but it fits very well here.
    ie: to be acquainted with law

    Other thoughts:
    "to experience the business world ..."


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    You could use to familiarize oneself with or to acquaint oneself with. These are used for situations or inanimate concepts, as you say, rather than people.

    So it would be, 'opportunity to familiarize yourself with...'.

    There's nothing wrong with get to know, but as most phrases with get, it's very informal.
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