get to know?

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Hey, how're you all doing,

I want to express that the best place is X to get to know new people e.g. a disco.
Would you rather use "get to know" or "get aquainted with" or you might just simply say "meet"?

What if I want to express the fact that I know somebody.
It took time but I know you - ergo I've got to know you?

I've checked all the threads out, but found no satisfactory answer.

Thank you so much.
  • tepatria

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    I would use meet for your first example. You don't necessarily get to know or get aquainted with people in a disco, but you certainly do meet many people.
    Your second one is more difficult. When we say that you get to know someone, it means that you begin to understand them, their likes and dislikes, their personalities. Once you get to know someone you decide if you want to continue the aquaintance or relationship. Does this help? Perhaps you could give us a little more information.


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    So far so good,

    But what if I'm going to the disco not only to meet new girls, but to date them, to hit on them? Would you still use "to meet"?
    How about getting acquainted with them?

    Where else would you rather use "get acquainted with somebody or something"?

    I've almost got the idea.


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    Meet is when you first encounter someone.

    "X (disco) is the best place to meet someone."

    Get to know/get aquainted with imply that the relationship has continued beyond the initial meeting and now you are learning more about someone than just basic information. Getting to know someone would likely take place in a more intimate setting (you probably couldn't talk much in a disco).

    For your sentence, I would say-

    (A) "It has taken time, but I have gotten to know you." or (B) "It took time, but I got to know you."

    The difference between the two would depend on the context of your relationship.


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    You go to the disco to meet the girls. I'm sure you do not hit on every girl you meet and don't want to get aquainted with all of them either. I have heard the expression trolling the discos (or clubs) and bar hopping has some of the same meaning, going from place to place to meet new people.
    I got aquainted with the new boss at work, with the new people next door, with the new software I installed yesterday, with the rules for driving in France. You can use got aquainted with for many things that you are just learning about. Once you know them well, the aquaintance becomes a different relationship.
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