Get to / réussir à ?


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I came acroos these phrases earlier :

...I didn't get to see you be for you left,
Didn't get to say my good bye's,
didn't get to hug you and kiss you good night,
didn't get to tell you how much I was proud to have you as a father,...

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D'you know if "get to do sthg" could someway be used to mean "manage to do sthg" ? The french equivalent would be "réussir à" ou "arriver à".
  • Florette1

    Yes, it does mean 'I didn't manage to see you '
    To get to do something means to manage or be successful in doing something. Réussir à faire qch is a perfect translation.

    Kelly B

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    In your first examples you might also consider je n'ai pas eu l'occasion de.
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