get to tap some cheerleader's ass.

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  1. cervantes14

    cervantes14 New Member

    Español- España
    he traducido esto de una pelicula de esta manera:
    pillar el culito de alguna animadora
    ¿Como lo traducirian ustedes?
    Muchas gracias
  2. vertebrado Banned

    espanol (Espana)
    tocarle el culo a alguna animadora.
    llegar a tocarle el culo a alguna animadora.
  3. Rubns

    Rubns Senior Member

    Español - Spanish (Spain)
    Uf "pillar" puede dar a entender otra cosa. Yo diría "conseguir tocar el culito de alguna animadora".
  4. Txiri

    Txiri Senior Member

    USA English
    Bienvenido/a al foro ...

    Pillar? entiendo como "choricear" o "mangar"

    To tap that: es jerga para "follar"
  5. Rubns

    Rubns Senior Member

    Español - Spanish (Spain)
    En ese caso "pillar" encaja aquí. Por eso dije que podría sugerir otra cosa. En España se puede entender en sentido figurado a nivel sexual. Por ejemplo: "si yo la pillara...".
  6. vertebrado Banned

    espanol (Espana)
    En ese caso la traduccion original es perfecta: pillar el culito de alguna animadora.

    Edit: Ya de paso aprovecho para preguntar como se dice en ingles: tocarle el culo a alguna animadora, para compararlo con la otra.
  7. duvija

    duvija Senior Member

    Spanish - Uruguay
    Why "culito" ? there is no diminutive anywhere...
  8. mewilson Senior Member

    "to get to tap some cheerleader's ass" = lograr/llegar a cogerse/follar a una animadora. 'Tap' is a recently popular slang term meaning "to have sex with." "To tap someone's ass" simply means to conquer a woman sexually. The 'ass' part is also idiomatic; it does not necessarily imply anal sex (neither does "to get a piece of ass"). I'm sure there are many ways to express this in Spanish in the right register, depending on the region. Please share your version! ;)

  9. mewilson Senior Member

    Vertebrado, se me olvidó darte algunas sugerencias para traducir "tocarle el culo a alguna animadora". Yo diría "grab some cheerleader's ass".
  10. onbalance

    onbalance Senior Member

    United States
    English - United States
    De acuerdo. "To tap someone's ass" es jerga para "to have sex with someone."
  11. EddieZumac

    EddieZumac Senior Member

    Mexico City
    How about "to caress a cheerleader's ass".
  12. mewilson Senior Member

    That could certainly work in a very limited context, but I think both 'touch' and 'caress' are excessively tender words for the swinish behavior in vertebrado's example. I could clearly envision (someone) touching or caressing a cheerleader's ass, but to touch some (i.e., random) cheerleader's ass seems too delicate for someone who isn't particular about which cheerleader possesses said ass; they are probably out to grab, slap, pinch, or similarly offend.

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