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I have a doubt about the following sentence from an ESL textbook:

It may seem difficult to deal with an emergency now, but you will get used to it in a few weeks' time.

The key gives "will get used", but I'd rather choose "will be used", unless ... "in a few weeks' time" means "within a few weeks' time".
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    No. Your use of /will be used to/ is not right.

    to get used to = to become used to:tick:
    to get used to = to be used to:cross:


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    "Get used to it" means "become used to it / become acquainted with it" gradually over those few weeks.
    "Be used to it " means "will have become used to it/become acquainted with it" [completely] and would need after - i.e. at the end of - a few weeks.


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    I agree that strictly speaking you should say "in a few weeks' time you will be used to it".

    In a few weeks' time you will be used to it.
    You will get used to in just a few weeks.


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    1) People are used to buying clothes online nowadays.
    2) People get used to buying clothes online nowadays.

    In the second sentence, is it possible to use "get"?
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    There’s nothing grammatically wrong with it — other than “nowadays” sounding odd — but it changes the meaning of the sentence. What are you trying to say?


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    Yes, but it changes the meaning.
    "Get used to something" means "become used to something".
    When they "are used to something", they have already become used to it.


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    To be used to something is a state (it’s a stative/linking verb).
    To get or become used to something is the process that leads to that state.
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