get your life together

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A S Laplace

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And didn't they tell you to get your life together ? ( about coworkers and a guy who lived without running water)

What exactly does this phrase mean. I understand, of course, that they encouraged him to get the plumbing, etc, but does the phrase exist as such ?

  • Mirlo

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    It can mean one of this three things:
    1) to organize something such as a stack of papers or such
    present tense of

    2) to get your thoughts straight; to put your mind at rest , can be because your life is a mess...
    3) to get everything ready for an event of any magnitude, be it the king of the world's birthday or your mother finishing dinner

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    Get your life together could also mean that your life is a mess and you need to fix it. For example someone who has become delinquent with bills, fallen behind in work or at home may need to 'get their life together'.
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