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emre aydın

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A man, who was an alcohol addict, drinks and gets drunk after years of sobriety. Then comes to and says to a friend of his:

"13 years of sobriety just...
All I can do is go get my new welcome chip at the 8:00, right?"

(from the TV series Nashville)

What does he mean by "I'll get my chip"? I figured it might be something like an alcohol users' meeting or initials(CHIP) of an organization. What do you say? Thanks for your help.
  • dojibear

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    AE (US English)
    From the context, a "welcome chip" is a chip they give someone brand new to the alcoholic recoverers program. There are probably 3-month chips, 1-year chips and so on, but he has just reset his "days sober" back to zero. His statement about getting a welcome chip tonight says that he plans to re-enter the program right away, that same evening.
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