gettare le basi

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Juicy Fruit Mix, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. Juicy Fruit Mix Member

    Ciao a tutti amici del foro,

    I need your help

    How do you say gettere le basi in English???

    The freudian psychoanalysis concepts "hanno gettato le basi" to what it would then arise the political and social struggle in the 60ies.

    Can you say put the basis??


    Cheers, guys.
  2. _forumuser_

    _forumuser_ Senior Member

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    Si dice

    laid the foundations for:

    ANche se nel tuo caso direi semplicemente:

    ... inspired the political and social unrest of the 1960s

    Perche' la psicanalisi di Freud e' dietro questi fenomeni solo indirettamente, per l'uso che ne e' stato fatto da altri, non per propria "scelta".
  3. winnie

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    italy, italian
    What's about: to lay the foundations
  4. Juicy Fruit Mix Member

    Thank you guys for your precious help.

  5. _forumuser_

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    New York City
    Prego JFM. Ma sei in treeeeenoooooo????? :)
  6. meringue Member

    Singapore, English
    I am not sure of the term " gettano le basi"

    Does it mean "throw in the towel"?

    il vero Capodanno, per me, arrivava in questo periodo in cui solitamente si gettano le basi per la stagione lavorativa invernale.

    Please correct my attempt at translation:

    The real New Year, for me, used to arrive in this period in which usually one throws in the towel for the season of work in winter.
  7. pescara Senior Member

    I think the meaning is more like "lay the foundation." I would translate this as "The real New Year for me arrived/used to arrive in this period in which one usually lays the foundation for the winter work season."

    As usual, it would be good to get confirmation from a native.

  8. giovannino

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    Italian, Neapolitan
    Pescara's translation sounds perfect to me. There is a previous discussion of "gettare le basi" here
  9. Florry New Member

    Italy, Milan
    So is "Lay the fundation" the same as "lay the groundwork for"?
    I.e. for a sentence like "gettando le basi per future ed ulteriori terapie" which one would be better? I'd say "lay the groundwork for...."

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