gettarsi precocemente alle spalle

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    Nonostante sia dotato di pazienza e di programmazione metodologica, è come se avesse un’ansia di gettarsi precocemente alle spalle una quantità di
    trofei smisurata
    , una fretta quasi parossistica di mettersi in regola con albi d’oro e almanacchi.

    "it's as he had an eager to get on his shoulders an enormous quantity of trophies..." - something like that? - gettarsi precocemente alle spalle - "to gather the most of it"?

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    Faccio un tentativo...

    "'s as if he was desperate to have an inordinate number of medals around his shoulders right from the very start of his career..."

    I understand the metaphor to refer to the types of trophies athletes receive and put around their necks, so I think medals works better here (I think of trophies as free-standing objects).

    I think precocemente means "early on", "immediately". This athlete isn't content with making slow, steady progress. He wants to burst onto the scene and win everything right away.

    I'm sure someone else can think of a better way to say it!

    EDIT I have just read your other post and I think my translation attempt can still work for Murinho...
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  3. Trosa Banned

    thank you very much, Tunalagatta :) That change on to medals it's not a bad idea...

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