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    I'm translating "after you pick up your friend, we have to get gas".
    poté, co vyzvedl jsi svého prítele, musíme natankovat"
    mostly I'm worried about "natankovat" sounding natural, the placement of jsi, and using "poté, co". is there another way to say after?
  2. Kachni New Member


    if I understand it right, you want to describe a sequence of two actions, i.e. picking up a friend and then getting gas. I would translate it - 'Až vyzvedneš svého přítele, musíme natankovat.' This implies future event, therefore, one would say such a sentence on his way to pick up a friend, a few hours before etc.

    Supposing you've already picked up your friend, you might say 'Poté, co jsi vyzvedl svého přítele, musíme natankovat.' It sounds a bit strange to me though. Anyway, in this sentence, 'jsi' should be placed before 'vyzvedl'.

    As for the expression 'natankovat', it sounds perfectly natural to me. This verb is widely used here. Translating 'after' as 'poté, co' is fine as well but it is used more often in writing than in spoken language.

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