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  1. noalyssa New Member

    Qual'è il significato della frase "she's getting her groove back in 20 minutes?"...:confused:
    What's the meaning of "she's getting her groove back in 20 minutes?"

    Dovrebbe essere una frase comica..
  2. DesertCat Senior Member

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    Non è una frase comica. Puoi dire:
    She's getting back on track in 20 minutes.

    It means that things are improving (or looking up) for her and implies she had some problems before.
  3. noalyssa New Member

    Potresti spiegarmelo in italiano?
  4. DesertCat Senior Member

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    Provo, ma ho un problema con le frasi se non sono semplici.

    Per esampio, se una persona aveva un problema con la vita o l'uomo o lavoro o qualcosa, diciamo che la persona è "off track"

    Quando la situazione è meglio possiamo dire che la persona "has their groove back"
  5. 4everlearning Senior Member

    Desert Cat is correct, but it can also imply that the person will now be capable of attracting romantic interests.
  6. noalyssa New Member

    italia,italiano "in 20 minutes" means that "her life is improving in 20 minutes?"
    cioè la sua vita migliorerà tra 20 minuti?

    I don't understand this detail oh the sentence!

    this is the scene of "friends":
    rachel:"Hi,are you ready?...oh no we're gonna be late!"
    ross:"for what?"
    rachel:"for Stella,remember? she's getting her groove back in 20 minutes!"

    e partono le risate della serie comica..
    ecco perchè pensavo fosse una frase comica!
  7. Mrs.Mustaine Senior Member

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    I guess in that context (is it F.R.I.E.N.D.S.?) it makes everyone laugh.
  8. noalyssa New Member

    :confused:yes,but I don't understand why!
  9. Mrs.Mustaine Senior Member

    Bergamo, Italy
    Well, maybe this Stella is some weird charachter in the comedy and she's gonna do some stupid celebration... ???

    By the way "groove" is also a word used in music context, maybe she's a player and the ambigous meaning is the key to get why this makes people laugh...
  10. noalyssa New Member

    why a celebration?
  11. rover22 Member

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    That was the one with Ross and Rachel and they were supposed to go to a Stella concert, she is an American singer. The expression "To get one's groove back" (It sounds weird when it is phrased formally the way I just phrased it), means that she was going to sing again or get down, there is a similar expression "To get one's groove on", its hard to explain.
  12. Arrius

    Arrius Senior Member

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    The expression "in the groove" is from World War II and refers to the groove or spiral track on an old ceramic record (His Master's Voice etc.). If the needle of the pick-up stayed in the groove the disc played its music and all was well. This gave rise to the expression "groovy" which described somthing desirable whether to do with popular music or not. The sexual connotations came much later and were popularized by Madonna with the double entendre: "Get into the groove: you gotta prove your love to me".
  13. noalyssa New Member

    aaaaaaaah ok!!!!
    I understood!
    thank you!
  14. DesertCat Senior Member

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    I'm not familiar with a singer called Stella, if in fact this person exists in real life, nor did I ever watch Friends so I have no knowledge as to what type of humor or lack thereof is typical of the show, but I'm inclined to think the line is a play on words based on the book by Terry McMillan called "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" in which it is reasonable to speculate that it took Stella considerably longer than 20 minutes to get her groove back.

  15. editio New Member

    Reggio Emilia
    approfitto di questo thread per chiudere aiuto su un aspetto di questa espressione che non mi è chiaro.
    Ecco la mia frase:

    “As fun as this is,” I tell them all, “and really, so fun, but why are you all bugging me? I have finals to study for.” Not that I need to do much studying. I’m like Stella. I got my groove back. For the most part. And that might be the gayest thing I’ve ever said aside from the time I complimented Dom on his penis. Yikes.

    Il senso l'ho capito. Il personaggio ha avuto un momento difficile e ora si è rimesso in carreggiata, ha ritrovato il suo centro (I got my groove back). Quello che invece non capisco è perché dice che è la cosa più gay che abbia mai detto. Cos'ha di gay questa frase? O c'è un doppio senso che mi sfugge? So che 'groove' può anche essere usato per riferirsi al lato B. E' questo il senso?

  16. joanvillafane Senior Member

    U.S., New Jersey
    U.S. English
    Before we answer this new question, I have to say that the entire preceding discussion missed the point of the joke from Friends. They are talking about a movie (which is about to start in 20 minutes) :)
    How Stella Got Her Groove Back

    Now, for today's question: Not sure exactly why, but it might have to do with the fact that the story is about a woman who finds out that her husband is gay.
  17. editio New Member

    Reggio Emilia
    Grazie Joanvillafane, but I don't think this is the case because the boy speaking is actually gay. And anyway, since I cannot refer to the movie/book title because in Italian it is different (Benvenuta in Paradiso) I've chosen to use the typical Italian word linked to flamboyant gays: "Sono di nuovo il favoooloso Ty". Hope it will do.
  18. amatriciana Senior Member

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    Direi che il lato B non c'entra (but good guessing! :D). Penso che la cosa "gay" sia il fatto che ha citato un "chick flick".
  19. editio New Member

    Reggio Emilia
    Ah, okay Amatriciana (bel nick ;)). In effetti non avevo pensato al 'chick flick'. Peccato che non posso usarlo. Grazie tante per il suggerimento comunque.
  20. KarinaVanessa New Member

    Spanish, Italian, English-Peru
    Mi sono trovata nello stesso dilema, grazie a le tue domande ho capito, anche io sto leggendo Klune, in inglese

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