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Discussion in 'English Only' started by blomst, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. blomst

    blomst Senior Member

    Norway, Norwegian
    Would one say that the expression he is getting married is less formal than he is going to marry?
  2. Beryl from Northallerton Senior Member

    British English
    Yes, I would, and I do. :)
  3. greatbear Banned

    India - Hindi & English
    He is getting married - a fact, he is, his intentions are announced!
    He is going to marry - some day or the other
  4. Biffo Senior Member

    English - England
    I agree -provided they are given as complete sentences (which you did not do).

    He is getting married. (normal usage)

    He is going to marry. (less frequent usage)

    However their formality or otherwise may vary with context. Sometimes "<context> he is going to marry <context>" is the only option.

    (Cross-posted with great bear who also has a valid and slightly different point to make.)
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  5. heypresto

    heypresto Senior Member

    South East England
    English - England
    These expressions could also be seen in something like 'He's getting married tomorrow. He's going to marry Emma from the accounts department'.
  6. greatbear Banned

    India - Hindi & English
    But you can also say "He's getting married to Emma ...", which in fact is far more normal for me, unless context demands it.
  7. Franco-filly Senior Member

    Southern England
    English - Southern England
    Context is everything! "He's getting married to Emma on Saturday" but "He's going to marry Emma next Spring.
  8. greatbear Banned

    India - Hindi & English
    Yes, which again goes back to post 3.

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