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  1. bosun Banned

    What is the difference between getting married, being married or marry?

    Pleae provide me with specific examples. Thanks!!!
  2. Salmantina

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    Getting married = the act of marrying itself I am getting married tomorrow.
    Being married = someone is carrying out the act marrying two persons. The two of them were being married by friar Davids yesterday.
    Marry = more or less the same as the first, but usually combined with a complement Will you marry me?

    Hope it helps!
    To all the native English-speakers around here: Please correct me if I´m mistaken!

  3. tphuong122002 Senior Member

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    Tom is no more a single man. He is married. Tom got married last year. He married my sister.
  4. cuchuflete

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    Good start, Salmantina. I'll add some alternative meanings to those you have given.
  5. Toadie

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    Salmantina did a great job explaining it. All I have to say is that "to get married" is more common (around here) than "to marry" ("We got married" > "We married")
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