getting my freak out doesn't come naturally

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Henry: "Betty, I'm sorry I was acting like such a jerk. I just got jealous. Look, I'm never gonna be like Gio, getting my freak on doesn't come naturally.

Could you tell me what Henry means by this "getting my freak on doesn't come naturally"?

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  • Alxmrphi

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    Ah that's better, 'to get someone's freak on' means.. hmm

    Get your freak on...
    Or look here.

    I can't really give a description, it's a difficult thing to understand exactly, it means to be, or to do something, wild... like in a club, it was popularised by a lot of American rappers that made a reference to things like dancing sexy etc. It's like 'to let oneself go [wild / crazy]', lose all inhibitions, and be a bit wild, like I said usually in a dancing / club kind of way.

    Does that help?
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