Getting out all the rage / anger from inside yours

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I'd like natives to confirm if the idea of "getting out all the rage/ anger from inside yours" is well conveyed through the two expressions below.

I give the example and context:

Yesterday I had an argument with my partner. We had words and quarrelled in a quite violent way. She showed herself very agressive with me.
I want to call my friend to vent all my rage/ anger off
I want to call my friend to get all my rage/ fury off my chest

Thank you!
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    I use 'vent' to mean express my feelings about something, usually anger or frustration.
    I might say "I want to call my friend to vent my rage."
    (For some reason, I would be far more likely to vent anger than vent rage.)
    And also, for some reason I wouldn't say 'all my rage'.

    I use 'get off my chest' when I tell someone I feel strongly about something.
    I probably wouldn't 'get my rage off my chest'.

    I might say: I was furious at what he said, and I called to get it off my chest. [=I told him how much it bothered me.]


    Spanish Argentina
    Perfect. Very clear. Is also used the expression "to pour your heart out to someone"?
    I poured my heart out telling my friend my arguments and frictions with my boss.
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